Friday, June 26, 2009


I’ve been stewing about this rotten topic all day, but couldn’t sit down to a computer until now. I wont be shocking anyone by saying Michael Jackson is dead. This is over 24 hours old from being news. But at the crawling span of 24 hours, I’m over it.

Here is a little bit of information about me, Gris Grimly. I haven’t owned a TV for around 7 years now. I don’t like TV. I think it is an evil tool (At worst, to brainwash us. At best, to make us dumb). I could go into many other reasons why I don’t like TV, but you might think I’m a paranoid freak. So I wont. This morning while I was at the gym (don’t comment) I was occasionally distracted by one of the many Television sets on a wall that make up an image straight from Orwell’s 1984. The broadcast selection is slim varying between news, sports, cop dramas and The View. I always have a book with me to read, but will nevertheless find my eyes being yanked up toward the blue glow for a news update. Can you guess what garbage they were hyping all day today? Of course it was Michael Jackson’s death.

Now I might have some pretty morbid thoughts when it comes to my artwork and fictional stories, but when it comes to real life I try to be respectful of deceased parties. Regardless if it’s a gangster or TV evangelist, I feel I should respect the bereaved. No matter who the corpse is, there is always family or loved ones mourning over the dearly departed. I respect that. But seriously…Michael Jackson?

It was only a couple years ago everyone was talking shit about the guy for being a pervert. Even outside of the accusations of playing naked hot potato with young boys, he has committed so many bizarre acts to be shoved among other sociopaths. No celebs were speaking up for ol’ MJ last year when he was being tried for distributing Jesus juice. No matter how many people came out to pin him as a pedophile, money always bought him justice. Elizabeth Taylor (a deranged product of our society as well) backed up Michael Jackson’s innocence to his sleepovers. There is nothing wrong with a grown man in bed with a child if there is no “touchy-feely” going on, right? Despite everything that makes Michael Jackson a sick individual, there are still many of you out there that worship him and are mourning his death. There is nothing I can do about that. I mean there are people out there who worship Charles Manson. Is there really a difference?

But this really isn’t about Michael Jackson. This is about Pop Stars. Yesterday, the tube was projecting fear of North Korea’s access to nuclear weapons. Today, it’s Michael Jackson’s death. Now seriously, there is something really wrong here.  It could mean any of the following: 1) the death of a Pop Star is more important to Americans than the threat of a nuclear holocaust. 2) The death of a Pop Star is headlining to deter the attention of Americans toward something superficial while something more vital to our future is taking place. 3) Everything the news is presenting us is fabricated in order to manipulate us into aiding the conduct of a master plan. No matter what option is truth, the media is completely corrupt and Americans are dumb.

What is going on right now? What will Americans remember from the summer of 2009? Last week while I was at the gym, two news stations were broadcasting similar events on TVs next to each other. On the one tube, CNN was covering a parade for peace taking place in Tehran. On the other, FOX was covering a parade for the Lakers’ Championship in Los Angeles. The lady on the exercise bike next to me looked over strangely as I blurted out maniacal laughter to myself. What was going on when Anna Nicole Smith was all over the news? What was going on when the Clinton/Lewinsky affair was all over the news?

Here is a thought: Pop Stars are created to manipulate, distract and send messages to the public that is willing to take it all in. This could be as simple as an opinion on war, their petty dramas that fill the tabloids or a message to “Drink Coke”. They tell us how to dress, what to drive, what to eat and how to talk. I’m not saying a mad scientist created Madonna in a test tube. What do you think I am, some Coo Coo? These Pop Stars are nurtured at an early age before they can even think for themselves. They never experience the years and freedom needed to develop as an individual. By the time they are in their twenties and thirties, they show signs of mental collapse from lack of identity. Look at Britney Spears’s most recent rebellion by shaving her head. From there they crack, break and fall into pieces. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men sweep the pieces to the side and rise up another Pop Star.

Sure, we can blame the parents, talent scouts, agents or Walt Disney TV. But no matter how we look at it, if you participate in the game, you have a hand in the outcome. We take away their childhood, we make them our gods, and then we kill them. Who’s next? Britney Spears? The Olsen Twins? Miley Cyrus? If we don’t kill the pop star, we will continue to kill the people who wear the crown.

That is my rant.

Be Grim!

Gris Grimly


  1. Thank you. You said very elequently what I've been thinking all day. I liked his music. I even have favorites, but does it have to be what all the news is about? I gave up watching news a long time ago, because every thing was bigger then life. Do you really have a cold? If you are born on tuesday, will you die earlier? Tune in at 11 and find out. You wait all day, tune in, and it's nothing. Y2K nothing. I think most news should be watched out of the corner of your eye to see what's behind the curtian. Thank you so very much for sharing. Have an interesting evening.

  2. finally someone with a different take on this issue. I watch tv, but the news. BAH. who needs it. I'll stick to my cartoons. I spent a semester in a class called media literacy. we learned how to read into the news, advertisements, and the like. it is interesting how even what is to inform about "important" events is produced mainly to manipulate our thoughts. it encourages fear, and following. the general masses feed off of others' suffering. quite disturbing really.

    I agree with the celebs. we build them up to tear them down. I refuse to watch any entertainment news broadcast. People no matter how famous they are are still people. it is cruel what the public has done to their "gods".

  3. I was never a big fan of Michael Jackson while he was alive. I listened to his songs if they were on the radio or tv but never really made much of an effort to buy his music or follow his career. Same goes for the other pop stars out there *Miley, Britney, etc* Growing up in the 90s I assumed with many that all of the accusations of him being a child molester were true since thats what the news told us. Reading into it more I have to say that the news probably ruined more of Jackson's career then the scandal itself *and as crazy as it sounds I don't think he did what he was accused of in both situations. I think surrounding himself with children was innappropriate but he did pretty much act like a man-child and that is probably due to his mental state and the abuse he suffered as a my opinion*. I do watch the news..mostly because I like to stay informed and know whats going on in the world but alot of the information they gather nowadays isn't even corroborated before they send it out across the airwaves. On top of that they blow stories up to sound much bigger then they are. For example today they made a big deal over the 911 call at Jackson's house like some kind of clue was hidden in it to his death when in actuality it was just a basic "We have an emergency" "Okay we're sending someone over" type call. I think alot of news corporations need to go back to the days where they had hard-hitting journalism based upon facts and research and interviews as opposed to what politicans/celebs write on their Twitters.

    As far as the media building celebs up just to bring them down that is without a doubt true. It's not entirely shocking that under all the pressure singers/actors have to maintain this perfect image that society sets up for them that at some point they psychologically crack. In fact *despite the fact that you don't watch TV* South Park did an episode completely based on the building a celebrity up to just have them be torn down ("Britney's New Look") as well as an episode about how the news has turned into a internet regurgitator ("The Day the Internet Stood Still").

  4. Fucking Gris, you said it much more eloquently than I have been. This is borderline madness. I understand that people were a fan of this man's music, but I agree that buying into the hype that he should be celebrated as a saint is a bit much.

    People are comparing this to the day that JFK was shot. Really. The day a world leader was assassinated is being compared to the death of a celebrity.

    Again, you bring up many valid points. Bravo. Let us all bend to the mind-controlling mass media and forget that we are on the verge of that aforementioned nuclear holocaust.

    We are forever a nation, a world, and a society of zombies.

  5. As much as I agree with the sentiment of popping a few pop stars (hey, let's throw a few congressmen in there, too), at least there is the inspiration to reach for something better rather than reaching for a handout.

    Creative self-starters are always thinking, inventing, pushing boundaries and themselves, but for the rest of the population, the promise of something more than their hum-drum lives provides a little hope, even as manufactured as it is. They even live vicariously through such celebrites with tools like Twitter.

    The opposite, however, is a life of no ambition where people aren't encouraged to "make it" or even have any desire to reach up. Sure, we'd all like to see a better class of role model, but the root of celebrity comes from celebration, and while there are plenty who'll make money off of the fact, it isn't hurting anyone to let the mundanes have their moment to mourn.

    Of course, none of this applies to Bono. Bono should die screaming and afire, hopefully on pay-per-view (we'll send you a copy of the recording, Gris.)

    ~ Grim D.

  6. Guy, I don't about American TV, but, here not have so ooooh, 19h the TV say something; I saw in the internet, in myspace about it. The TV have somethings bad and is rare something good, here have sometimes somethings cool. MJ was a sick human, very sad not have your infancy like him want (no have my admiration like one great human, is a good artist sometimes, like thriller) . so... I like the old songs, I was a kid. but, here today not have nothing more about him. I think, yes is more one corpse. To who live in the city of death, say more one, is very easy. He mark one generation and was cool... well have many others too and others that not stay em media or TV... the underground life. I not like TV, I was a publicity and hate my lost 4 years in the university about it and how is going on. the problem IS and WAS and maybe will BE... the way of conduce it, how the human use your arms, and sometimes is great and well building stars, kill many others, forget underground, turn gold what not is... so doubt... wrongs and rights, sad and happy, blister and confused. the humanity is blind in your way and some people see behind of all it the unknow place and is pretty. pretty when see and sad when close your eyes. oh yeah, this have a past of words and always will be... you know guy, this is a hard theme... I need read the book that I catch now ahahhah Lovecraft is great and Noah Gordon too. Have a great day Guy.

  7. Although I am a fan of Michael Jackson's music and wicked dance moves, I am not one of his worshippers and I quite agree with what you've said here. Sure, it was thoughtful at first to look back on his life and his accomplishments, but is it necessary to broadcast every detail about his death to the entire world? No.
    I felt the same way when the press were ready to knock down his door for information on his "relationship" with that boy. Celebrities, though they are widely known, are still regular people who deserve some kind of privacy. It is absolutely ridiculous to constantly need to know who is doing what when. Have these celebrity-obsessed people never heard the word "stalker"?


  8. I like the way you think!
    I also like the LPD-reference.


  9. Unlike some individuals commenting on your post I haven’t sworn of the news completely after all, I am under the impression that if you watch long enough they may tell you something interesting and….*gasp* even important. What I have been finding quite disturbing is the media’s inability to prioritize. For example, devoting hours of coverage on the “nutty little squirrel that just won’t get off the football field…..oh, and by the way China may have accessed the US power grid….and now…never before seen footage of that fun loving squirrel.” This is usually followed by news coverage of some unfortunate starlet’s lack of underpants, commonsense or her fierce drug habit. Needless to say I often feel as if I am the unwilling participate of an SNL skit.

  10. Well said Gris! I really hope the protesters in Iran are taking a break until the MJ hype blows over. There's much more important events to be covering than these celebrities.

  11. this was an awesome blog and you said everything I was afraid to say, out of fear, his fans would kill me.

    Thanks Gris!

  12. ... and don't forget about Iran... Iran... so far away...

  13. Your are so right about the news. Now like you Gris I don't have a TV. What few shows I like I watch online. The only time I watch any TV is when I am at my mom's or on the road and staying at a hotel.

    I remember a few years ago while in San Diego and watching Fox news, their headlines news was Lyndsy Lohan.

    I mean have we come to a world were some one like Lohan is even the top story? I well i guess that is a yes.

    It was tragic that MJ has died. But no more tragic when any one else passes away.

    Edward R Murrow is most likely spinning in his grave because of how the news is these days. It isn't about informing the public as much as entertaining them.

    Also the news is suppose to be "impartial" but we know that is so far from the truth. The news is not suppose to slant the news one or another but simply report all sides and let the viewer make the decision on what the truth is.

    Which leads into another point. The general populace doesn't want to think for themselves. They want some one to tell them how to think, who to like, who to hate, whats right and whats wrong, what popular, whats not and so on. So the news sadly caters to this public.

    And as long as they continue to do so it will never get better.

    TV news has forgotten it's own history. In the very early days of TV the government told the networks(first 2 then the big three) that you can't own the airways. It belongs to the public. So in order to use the air ways you must give back the public at least 30 minutes a day of air time to the public. It is with this 30 minutes that the birth of TV news began as a public service not the variety show that it is today.

    They need to remember this. But really what they need to do is stop the 24 hours news stations. Just stick to news in the morning, afternoon and even. Were they don't have time to use to waste on news that isn't important.

  14. I so agree with most of what you said. I don't watch TV neither. Pretty much everything on TV is, like you said, "at worst, to brainwash us. At best, to make us dumb." I'm also against all the hype of Jackson's death. But describing Jackson as a "sick individual" is stupid. And then comparing him to Charles Manson is just tasteless and even more stupid, because *totally* untrue. And who are you to know if Jackson was a child molester or not? I personally don't think he was one. There was just some hillbilly dad, who thought to himself "if I sue him I win this case I'll be a rich fuckin man." Michael Jackson was poorly treated as a kid and he sought the presence of children later on, because he liked them. No, not in That way, you sick minds - at least when it comes to my opinion. It's always like that, when somebody's famous; one day they'll love you, the other day they hate you; no matter what you do. You said it yourself; Society kills the "pop stars". Everything what you said after that I also agree totally with. And that things like the death of a celebrity are hyped by the media to distract real problems is nothing new. Nevertheless there's nothing wrong to repeat that, 'cause people are too dumb to realize that.

  15. -Celebs will be celebs and they will do what it takes to make a buck. I could say the same but i have limitations and morals. We have all, including yourself Mr. Grimly, used our positions in some way among our social ladders to send messages to the masses(whomever they may be). You said, "Pop Stars are created to manipulate, distract and send messages to the public that is willing to take it all in." hey, we all need someone to take it in otherwise why ever speak again.
    -ok ok. im not sticking up for these over paid, media whore celebs im just saying we are all human beings and sometimes people forget that. seriously. got a pessimist thinking.