Monday, October 19, 2009


Greetings Society of Graverobbers,

With only a couple weeks away from spooky Halloween weekend, we at Mad Creator Productions, The Magic Castle and VE Publishing are starting to get a few of our vultures in a row- enough to at least taunt and tantalize your senses with what's to come Nov. 1st 2009 at the Cabaret Macabre.

Here's the skinned cat...

I will be hosting Gris Grimly's Cabaret Macabre Halloween Weekend, October 30, 31 and November 1. Although Friday and Saturday are only open to the Magic Castle members, you have all been granted the option to attend as my guest on Sunday November 1st. Tickets go on sale this Monday, October 19th. More information on that below.

Tickets are thirty dollars to get all fiends over the age of 21 in the door. All Cabaret Macabre attendees will receive a momentous Cabaret Macabre 2009 button (Hint: These will become extremely collectible as years pass by). Once in the doors, you have access to the world famous Magic Castle. You can make reservations for dinner, attend the magic shows, drink at the bars and most importantly attend the Cabaret Macabre in the Inner Circle!

Much like a traditional Cabaret, Cabaret Macabre will feature comedy, music, theatre, burlesque and art among a drinking audience. Here's what you can expect...


I will have a gallery of artwork on display featuring monsters, madmen and everything spooky. There will be some brand new, never before seen or released pieces on display and available for sale including the release of a few new prints. We have created an extremely limited edition print based on my watercolor painting "Lure" to premiere at the show. When you come to the show, you can find out the time when you can get your skeletal hands on this print. This print will sell out fast. We will also be premiering the third Freakatorium set which includes three quaint sideshow freaks; Monkeybrain, Patchwork Girl and Trout Bone Head. We will also have the first two Freakatorium sets and other popular prints for sale.


Comprised of the vicious vampiric vocalist Curtis RX and the ghoulishly fiendish organ master Erik X, the California native horror attraction Creature feature is set to take the underworld by storm. Creating a haunting mix of vintage horror visuals, old school beats, a carnival feel and a strangely rebellious approach to the modern ideals, the two monstrous musicians weave tales of the macabre, creating anthems for the horror minded and horror born alike. I'm happy to have Creature Feature a part of Cabaret Macabre as the (haunted)house band. They are sure to carry us through the night. If they wont have us feeling safe in wonderland, they will be scaring us into a new pair of trousers.


For the past seven years, the Voodoo Organist has been spreading his gospel of salvation through sin all over the country. Hard to categorize, yet instantly recognizable, he plays everything from industrial waltzes to drunken mambos; garage punk gospel rave ups to swinging exotic demonic blues. The Voodoo Organist will steer your conga line straight to hell, and you'll be dancing like the devil the whole way down.


Soprano Ashley Knight has earned distinction in wildly varied contexts, from the traditional opera stage to the underground music scene. Ms. Knight is passionately devoted to dusting the cobwebs off of the operatic art form and making it compelling to the opera fan and the uninitiated alike. Supported by highly imaginative visual elements, skilled acting, and a taste for the unexpected, she is creating a world of great beauty and surprising depth.


Known for stealing hearts and eating brains, Victoria Vengeance is sure to lure you in with her over-the-top set pieces and performances-a fusion of traditional striptease and dynamic theatrical-style. Victoria has given the burlesque community something to rave about. For this show, she brings us her penny arcade fortune telling madam act, which I promise will unhinge your jawbone and knock it off your skull. Not for the squeamish or the lovesick.

Your host Mistress Avalon will guide you through a time warp where ghouls are the hired hands and marionettes come to life. Have a howling good time, but try to avoid running into the dangerous hornswoggling ghouls, Gorp and Malick. In between changing sets and beating the crypt out of each other, they are known to hoodwink guests out of money, jewelry and even their pants. Spooky music will go bump in the night thanks to DJ Josh Schneider (Friday) and DJ Dave Bats (Saturday-Sunday).

We will be premiering many exclusive/new merchandise items at the show. We will have an event poster print. Get your skeletal hands on this 11 x 17 limited edition serigraph of the event poster. All prints are signed (by Gris Grimly) and numbered in a limited edition of 100. We will have a couple new shirts premiering at the show. We will have a limited edition event t-shirt with an image of Victoria Vengeance on the front and a new Cabaret Macabre shirt, both available in men's t-shirts and women's fitted tees. We will have crypt-kicking Cabaret Macabre vinyl stickers for cheap. Or get one for free with your purchase of any Cabaret Macabre merchandise at the MCP booth.

I am also thrilled to announce that after over a year, the brand(baby)spankin' new Ghoultown Mistress of the Dark Ultra Single will premiere at the show just in time for Halloween. This limited edition CD/DVD set contains an EP of music by Ghoultown, including the single Mistress of the Dark. The DVD contains the GG directed music video starring Elvira, behind-the-scenes documentary, video to storyboard comparison, episode of The Har Har Show and many awesome easter eggs. Be one of the first to pick this killer item up at the show.


We have a better ticket system this year, allowing you to reserve tickets on The Magic Castle website. This should rectify the hideously long line issue we had last year. Tickets go on sale Monday, October 19th at 2pm. You will use member number A19522 as your log-in to make your ticket purchases. Tickets are on a first come first serve bases and will sell out quickly. So if you plan on attending, don't delay and get your tickets when they are available.


Sunday November 1st is open to all Society of Graverobbers members over the age of 21. I will be celebrating my birthday that night, so I hope a lot of you can make it out. Costumes are required (formal wear is acceptable).

That is all for now.
Be Grim!
Gris Grimly and Mad Creator Productions

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  1. If I was in the area I would indeed join you in these festivities.
    Hope it all goes superbly ol' Grim-lah.