Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year SOGs!

Happy New Year Society of Graverobbers!

Not only is there a change in year and decade, but there is a huge change in the MCP. First off, I will be putting my focus towards working and producing art and less in running a business. This is the year to make my animated feature Pinocchio happen. During the last year, there have been many exciting additions to the team and positive advancements towards this actually being a reality. But I have to make it my focus and give it all my energy.

What does this mean? I am fazing out a few elements of Mad Creator Productions. First, I will be taking a break from working conventions. This also means that I am going to put a hold on production and merchandising. I will miss seeing all of your grim faces, but it is just something I have to do right now.

I am fazing out the MCP online store as well. So take advantage of the many sales and deals that I will be offering you throughout the next few months in an effort to deplete stock. Who better deserves this offer than the loyal Society of Graverobbers. Currently, most of our t-shirts are anywhere from $5 to $10 throughout the month of January. Crazy...I know. Get your shirts now, because sizes are running out and I will not be reprinting or offering anything new any time soon. Go to

Change can be scary, and sometimes a little sad saying goodbye to old habits. But this is something that I, Gris Grimly, need to do.

Here's to a blessed, prosperous and successful 2010 to us all!

Be Grim!
Gris Grimly


  1. Good luck with this! I wish the best for you in 2010!!

  2. Good luck in your 2010 endeavours! Your version of Pinocchio is something we'll be looking forward to.

    S. @ KinderScares